Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Murder Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: September 22, 2008
Juveniles being tried as adults, who are to blame? In today’s society it is not who or whom it is what. Juvenile offenders are now facing a two court system, not only can they be tried in juvenile court for a crime committed. They are now being charged as adults in adult court. Charging a juvenile as an adult has stirred up many different views. Violent crimes committed by juveniles have become a growing epidemic. The children of today are subjected to violence in popular songs, television shows, and even computer games. Parents having guns accessible to children and the society the child live in all play a part in the destruction of our youth. Juvenile offenders are now facing tougher punishment for their actions. As juvenile crime rate consistently increased over the past several decades, there has been an out cry to prosecute minors accused of serious crimes as adults. Those guilty of serious crimes should receive a serious punishment regardless of whether the offender is a juvenile or adult. They also go as far as to advocate the possibility of the death penalty for juveniles guilty of first degree murder. They assert that it is immoral to subject children to adult punishments, it is an ineffective deterrent to crime and the psychological scars it inflicts will likely lead the juvenile offender back to crime. Most youthful offenders will be physically and sexually assaulted within the first seventy two hours of admission to adult correctional facilities. The results of such abuse, carried out over the course of incarceration, which could lead to suicide and severe psychological damage. A juvenile offender sentenced as adults makes them more dangerous, not less.

The juvenile correction system is about one hundred years old and has been revised. This system has a positive outlook on what juveniles in trouble can become. They believe that juveniles can be rehabilitated and taught differently. They believe...
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