Should Janie Pursue Tea Cake? ( Thier Eyes Were Watching God)

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Should Janie pursue Tea Cake?

Done by: Joshua Nagenthiram
Teacher: Ms.Parrish
Book: Thier Eyes Were Watching God
Cource: ENG3U

Their Eyes Were Watching God: Should Janie pursue Tea Cake?

p.99 “Tea Cake wasn’t strange, seemed as she had known him all her life”. Janie gets introduced to a young man, who goes by the name of Tea Cake. He gets introduced through chapter 10 and becomes Janie’s new love interest. Unfortunately for Janie her two previous relationships have not been successful and have not been something Janie wanted. Joe Starks dies of a cardiac failure making Janie widowed although she enjoys her new life single she has little feelings towards Tea Cake and thinks whether she should pursue him or not. Janie has always had an issue of backing down and not expressing how she truly felt about certain things, but after 23 years of unsuccessful relationships and she more older now so now she has become wiser and knows what she wants in a man now, but is it Tea Cake she wants? Tea Cake isn’t rich nor powerful, but can offer things to Janie which Logan and Joe really can’t offer. Logan offered her protection and wealth which Joe also provided wealth but gave her power and high-class, all which every women would die for but not something Janie really wanted. Although Joe and Logan both loved Janie, they expressed their feelings wrong. Janie cared about looks, love and freedom, all which Joe and Logan didn’t offer making both relationships unsuccessful.

One aspect that was a part of Janie’s dream husband was looks. Looks was very important in Janie’s eyes. Logan and Joe both lacked looks. Joe lacked looks and Logan was clearly not physically attractive at all, in pg.13 she describes his look “He looks like some ole skull head in de grave head”. Logan wasn’t something Janie was interested in; in the first place, she married him due to her Nanny. Joe on the other hand somewhat interested Janie, she lured Janie with his talk but after a while a...
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