Should Impoverished Women Be Given Incentives for Using Birth Control?

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  • Published : November 2, 2007
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Today's society is faced with many people struggling to make ends meet yet they continue to have children who they can't afford. Is there a solution to this problem? One suggestion is to reward impoverished women with monetary incentives for using birth control. Rewarding these women for showing a sense of responsibility and using birth control sends the wrong message however, and is not the right answer. The decision to give monetary incentives to impoverished women for using birth control goes against common sense, rewards irresponsibility, and would increase taxes, putting an even greater financial strain on every taxpayer excluding the wealthy upper class. Using birth control is not a brand new idea; on the contrary it is something most everyone with a little bit of common sense should know about. There are many different methods of birth control from simple forms such as condoms to the more complex and effective forms such as a shot or pills prescribed or administered by a health care professional. Birth control has proven to be effective, however no form, simple or complex is one hundred percent guaranteed. Abstinence is the only sure fire fool proof form of birth control there is; however in today's society very few people remain abstinent beyond the age of fifteen as many people become sexually active at an even earlier age. Simple common sense implies if impoverished women choose to have sexual intercourse without the presence of some type of birth control the thought of becoming a mother is a reality they should be prepared for. Although no form of birth control comes with a money back guarantee it does however, lessen the chance of reproduction. This is a very controversial subject and there will always be some type of scrutiny no matter what the government decides to do with this issue. Common sense is something that comes natural...
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