Should Huck Finn Be Banned

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  • Published : April 24, 2006
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I believe that the school board should keep this book in the curriculum for a number of reasons.
This book is a recollection of history. It tells a story of a young boy growing up, while also describing a harsh time in history when racism and slavery was present. It does not sugarcoat anything, which I think is good because it gives a valid description of the time. The "n" word was used often by white people, and African Americans were de-humanized. It's the way it was and to pretend that it wasn't and try to forget like it didn't happen would be like trying to erase the past.

I think that because of the reality that this book shows, it gives readers the chance to learn from our ancestors mistakes. It gives us the chance to feel Jim's pain and see through his eyes. These issues of racism are, not to the extent that they were, still present today, and in a lot of ways it's because of history that we are overcoming them. Reading about the issue of slavery and racism in the past is not a negative thing, it's a positive thing because it shows us how far we have come from where we were.

I think that if this book were banned, several other issues would have to be looked at concerning the same topic. Should text books be banned because they speak about white people beating slaves? If we were to keep every bad thing from the past hidden, then we would never be able to learn. We would never be able to be grateful for the things we have overcome and understand that if our world ever became that way again, what the effects would be.

I think that the best place to learn about these issues is in school and with the right supplement readings this book is an excellent one to learn from. Perhaps to avoid any issues, teachers should really emphasize what this book is saying and encourage readers to look past the language and recognize the symbols of how this story's theme is coming-of-age, and that instead of being racist, it is actually the opposite in that it shows...
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