Should Hs Graduates Take a Gap Year?

Topics: College, High school, University Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: February 22, 2013
High School Graduates: Fight or Flight?

Ah, college. It is the time of our lives where adolescents turn into maturing adults. It is a time for freedom for most teenagers, but it is a giant step closer to their lifelong career. For some of the graduates, college is not the right path for them. For most, college can be a rigorous four years and beyond to an early adult’s life. Lenient people consider graduates should be able to settle their stressed minds a year before entering college because of the pressure in their previous school life. High school graduates should not take so long resting before the start of their college careers, because their minds can erase so much information learned from high school; and not keeping on track with your academic and personal performance could hinder your potential in college. Taking a year off from academic pursuit and allowing the student to pursue a personal achievement or discovering their identity in society is considered to be a waste of time. Although Princeton and Harvard recommend that their students take this “gap year” to prepare themselves, graduates that are not mature enough will eventually be engrossed in their surrounding distractions. During college, a college student will be able to discover their identity as well as focus on their studies. For example, a graduate with the right mindset should pursue college in the wake of a few months, and only then their personality and potential could blossom. However, only a few numbers of universities defer their attendees’ admission, depending on how that university is structured. Actually, many colleges do offer access to programs that graduates can enroll without having the pressure of a vicious college schedule.

Another good reason that college graduates should not take this “gap year” is because that their academic abilities might diminish after a long rest, only to find out that they are not prepared for their first days at the university level. As...
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