Should Homosexuals Be Allowed to Legally Marry?

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  • Topic: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Sexual orientation
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  • Published : April 4, 2011
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Part I: Thesis
Should Homosexuals Be Allowed To Legally Marry?
There seems to be a double edged sword, when it comes to free will. We are free to make choices for our lives, but not free in totality with our choices. If this place I call home is the Land of the free, then why can I not marry someone of the same sex? Land of the free, would interpret to me I am free to love anyone, no matter the gender. Should homosexuals be allowed to legally marry? It is my firm opinion, I should be able to marry whomever I deem fit to partner with, start a family or raise children with. Moreover, I should be able to live in peace with my choice. I believe people should be able to marry whomever they want. Considering, we all different in terms of culture and beliefs, most of us share similar beliefs, that we have the right to lifestyle and finally the right to equality. We have many rights; although, some of those rights are conditional. Our government regulates our rights, which limits our power as a people; for example “Gay Marriage”. Who are we to say someone else’s preference is wrong? No one culture should be considered superior. I believe the “gay community”, would appreciate being treated with respect regardless of sexual preference. After all it is just that; a preference. Our right to lifestyle should not be dictated by our government. If two people love each other, they should be able to marry and cohabitate without a judgmental eye. Yes. Everyone has their opinions, religious and moral beliefs; it is not a crime however, to differ in choice. Should I be discriminated against because I like scrambled eggs, and the majority preference of eggs are boiled? I am sure we all have ideas of how people should live, but do we have the right to question what makes someone else’s life happy? No one should be able to dictate your happiness or lifestyle. Moreover, this is my life and I should be able to live it to the fullest as I choose, with whom I choose. Is this not the land of the free? Should I not be able to love freely in its totality? The US Constitution states we all have a right to the pursuit of happiness. I did not however, see a sub section that excluded the gay community. Marriage is a right to all. When the Government decides to uphold the law of SSM (same sex marriage), the constitution is then broken. Equality is dead when it comes to SSM. Some of the reasons for opposition are completely absurd. Some believe if SSM is legalized, it will be promoted in public schools, or undermine western civilization. I believe homosexuality has been around just as long. Some also believe SSM are not environments conducive to raising children. I have yet to understand the hate crimes as well as discrimination the gay community faces. I have several family members and friends who prefer to date within the same gender. Who am I to tell my sister, who already has children, she should not be allowed to parent because of her sexual preference? I love my nieces and the environment in which they are being raised. There are being groomed to be productive citizens of society; not to be pernicious lesbians. The way they are being raised has nothing to do with who my sister chooses to date. I do however, believe it is unjust to tell her whom she can and cannot reside with or love. My sister is a woman of great character. Her sexuality has yet to compromise her character. Although the reason for opposition stem from religion, is this not the same God that teaches love for all mankind? The decision to outlaw SSM is nothing short of modern day discrimination. This law is very hypocritical, and simply has no valid reason two people of the same gender should not make a legal commitment to one another. Marriage is a right to everyone. There is very little evidence SSM imposes any kind of threat to mankind. Therefore I believe homosexuals should be able to marry...
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