Should Homosexuals Be Able to Marry?

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Same-sex marriage Pages: 7 (2215 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Should homosexuals be able to marry?

Religious teachings say that God created man for woman. The union formed between man and woman has been called by the society as marriage. The construct of the union may have changed over time, but the traditional term marriage that has evolved has been passed through from generation to generation. Among the changes in the construct of marriage includes the homosexual marriage that refers to union of same sex. Homosexual marriage initially received fierce societal rejection. The union has been perceived as immoral, natural and cultural taboo, and illegal but such concept gradually eroded since mid 20th century (McCarthy, 2012). The battle over the discourse on recognition of the rights of homosexuals led on gradual acceptance and legalization of the marriage. Though some countries have legalized homosexual marriage, conflicting social and religious views continue to clash. Should homosexual marriage be allowed? This paper will argue on the thesis stating homosexual marriage is a right homosexuals should be entitled to.

History could not provide any evidence on the existence of first marriage but the Biblical-based teachings traces the beginning of heterosexual relation representing marriage through the bond between Adam and Eve. The heterosexual relations known as marriage evolved as social construct formed by two individuals. Since ancient time, the marriage recognized by the society has defined a social institution designed by heterosexuals for heterosexuals (MacCarthy, 2012). The union brought the traditional definition of marriage as the legal bond between opposite sexes. The traditional definition of marriage tells that the man becomes the husband while the woman becomes the wife. Throughout the years, the definition of marriage has been gaining broader meaning. From the heterosexual union formed by two individuals, the definition of marriage included the legal obligations encompassed in the homosexual union of two individuals of the same sex (Marriage, 2000). The society has been broadening the definition of marriage as differences of gender orientation become more pronounced. Such differences of gender orientation include the conditions that are beyond the norms where gender is no longer limited to being male or female.

The out-of- the- norms conditions cover the situations that homosexuals have to go through. Some structurally male or female individuals follow gender orientation against the natural rule and societal norms. The breaching of the gender orientation has been justified by psychological and scientific explanations as uncontrollable forces that may be beyond the will of specific individuals. For instance, science explains the roles of genetic factors on the making of the gay and lesbian orientation. The condition is beyond the control of the individuals who should never be blamed for their twisted orientation (Beeman, 1996). With the given explanations, should gays with feminine feelings or the lesbians with masculine feelings be stoned because of their affection to people’s ales that happened to be of same sex? Should they be forced to unite in marriage with opposite gender so as to maintain conformity to the natural law? Individuals with gender orientation that breached the norms have biological behavior that has to be satisfied and that is a right every individual is entitled to. The satisfaction of such right could never be less than the importance of the roles of the natural law. Forcing the homosexuals to marry opposite sex against their will sound like an obvious violation of rights and at the same time would turn Natural Law to appear like an authoritarian command that should not be breached. Counter-thesis and Counter-argument

Homosexual relations have been accounted since the early years of the history. Stories chronicled in the Book of Genesis in the Bible described malicious activity of Shams to his...
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