Should Homosexuals Be Able to Marry Outline

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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I. Introduction
A.Thesis Statement
Due to the several controversial issues that may arise I do not support gay marriage, I do believe that domestic partnership should remain allowable, giving a person the right to date and share their lives with whomever they so choose, but the sanctity of marriage should remain exclusively between one man and one woman. II. Body paragraph #1 – Topic Sentence #1

Before the passing of Prop 8, California was only the second state to allow same-sex marriage. In fact up until 2004 same-sex couples couldn’t wed anywhere in the country. Many gay couples that wed before the passing of prop 8, their marriages would remain valid. A.Supporting Evidence

Proposition 8 added a new section to the state constitution, that “Only marriage between a Man and a Woman is valid and recognized in California.” (Article 1, Sec 7.5.)

Many can argue, especially those in favor of gay rights, that a gay relationship and or marriage is misunderstood and they believe that gay men and women should have the same rights in jobs, public accommodations, and government benefits.

C.So What?
There are a lot of reasons being offered to oppose homosexual relationships and/or marriage, however this country is founded based on the right to express oneself as they choose and I believe that choosing a person to spend the rest of your life with, would be included in that right. However, I foresee several ethical issues that may arise. III. Body paragraph #2 – Topic Sentence #2

The most apparent opposition is discrimination, singling out gay men and women as ineligible to marriage, welcomes public discrimination against them. A.Supporting Evidence
A person can be accused of discrimination if they continue to practice their religious or personal beliefs against gay marriage and they are unwilling to accept the lifestyle that a homosexual couples chooses to live.

People may become uncomfortable at work, if...
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