Should High School Students Have Part Time Jobs?

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Nowadays, there are more and more students choose to have a part-time job in the spare time. Surely, a par-time job can provide cash and working experience to them. But, as far as I am concerned, the high school students should not be encouraged to take a part-time job due to the following reasons.

To begin with, students in high schools are still too young to enter the work force. Usually a student in high school still lack of requisite abilities to make one's own living as well as to handle the problems coming from society and objective world. According to scientific surveys that teenagers have a very high possibility to be forced or exploited to do some things they don't want to do. That’s why, in many countries, laws are enacted to prevent teenagers from working, which aim to protect their rights of studying and growing healthily and enjoying happy childhood. Obviously, we have the common acquaintance that high school students should focus on studying instead of having a part-time job.

Besides, a part-time job would occupy high school students a lot of precious time, which should be used to learn systematic knowledge and living skills in class without worries of work stress and frustration. Also the high schools provide students a community to fit in the real world, so that students can develop these necessary qualities and skills. I think it's definitely not a wise option to take a part-time job in exchange of losing some parts of such important opportunities of education.

What’s more, students in high school should get prepared to further their education in college, which could benefit them a lot. It’s known to almost everyone that to become a college is one of the important ways to change one’s life. On the contrary, a worker with only a high school diploma will have more difficulty in employment and promotion and a lot other issues in this era.

In conclusion, I think our government and society should pay more attention to make sure that high...
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