Should High School Education Be Free in China?

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Should High School Education in China Be Free?

Should High School Education in China Be Free?
Ancient philosopher Confucius, who was considered the first professional teacher in China, opened an old-style private school in his hometown. The school enrolled more 3,000 students, and those students just paid a symbolic tuition fee as some crops and meat. The old-style private school has been followed for more than 2000 years. Therefore, the simplest and best way to disseminate knowledge is free education. China had a nine years’ compulsory education but it is not advance with the times now. China should extend years for the compulsory education that free education to senior high school students. With high school free education, students will have equal opportunities to be educated, focus on learning and improving, and improve the standard of living. Let’s look at those benefits of high school free education.

Provide equal opportunities
Free education of senior high school can also provide equal opportunities as the normal kid to the poor. In the past time, only wealthy people had chance to receive education, but some poor people could not. Now, everyone has right to get knowledge. Free education is a key to open the doors of hope for some smart and poor teenagers. They can have the equal opportunity as the riches to be educated. In the article, “Free education provides equal opportunities” reported that the government of China had released a newly plan of education that providing equal opportunities in education. The government will expend more power to resolve ingrained problems as extend free education. In many Chinese parents’ mind, if their children have a good and equal beginning in education, it will have a lot of means and benefits for a child’s future (Zhang Jingya, 2010). We can assure that some intelligent and poor students can gain the equal chances through free education. Free education provides some advantages to those people...
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