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Bio- Molecules Rocio Lopez
Introduction: In this lab we will be detecting biological molecules using testing methods. Here we will be testing some food products for sugar, starch, protein, and lipids. We will be testing each food product with Benedict’s, Lugol’s, Ninhydrin, and Albumin solutions. If when we test each substance and the color changes, then that product has one or some of sugar, starch, protein, or lipids in it. Methods: As suggested in the book on page 36. Or otherwise instructed! Results:

Food Product| Sugar| Starch| Protein| Lipid| Color change| Knowns| Benedict’s | Lugol’s| Ninhydrin| Sudan IV| | 5% sugar| +| __| __| __| Blue to redish brown|
5% starch| +| +| __| __| Yellow to black|
.1% Albumin| +| __| +| __| Evap. Out of tube|
Vegetable Oil| __| __| __| +| Pink|

Diet Soda| __| __| __| __| |
Regular Soda| +| __| __| __| Light blue to moldy yellow| Diet Sports Drink| __| __| __| __| No Change|
Regular Sports Drink| +| __| __| __| Red to orange|
Apple Juice| +| __| +| __| Green to orange|
Skim Milk| +| __| +| __| Milky blue to orange? Light strawberry to dark purple|

Unknown 1| +| __| +| __| Possibly Milk or apple juice| 2| __| +| +| __| |
3| __| +| +| __| |

Discussion/ Conclusion: Here the results have given us information that most of the food drinks have at least one biological molecule. Each positive that is in the data table indicates that that substance contains one or more of the following substances; sugar, starch, protein, or lipid. If there is a negative sign then that means that the biological substance is not present. The results are believable because the solutions that were put in each substance were specifically made to detect certain biological molecules. Some potential errors could have been temperature, solutions real accuracy of predicting these biological molecules or possibly other factors that...
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