Should Gay Couples Be Able to Adopt

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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In todays world, Lesbian and gay union is at an all time high, leaving the traditional family a thing of the past. With this in mind, It comes to me as no surprise that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couple are interested in completing the family portraits by adopting children. Unfortunately, some citizens, politicians, and religious leaders are not too excited about the idea of LGBT couples adopting children, and have gone to extreme heights to express their opposition! From facing harsh discrimination from state funded adoption agencies, and constantly being criticized by the community, LGBT couples are definitely not giving in easily due to adversities. In and out of foster care, sleeping in shelters, and some even roaming the streets, the homeless children are not being taken in consideration half as much as the adoption candidates sexual preference. A national study released January of 2010 finds that one in 50 children in America is homeless (1.Insert Source Here). With numbers climbing, it is hilarious to hear opposers claim that not allowing LGBT couples to adopt children is “for the sake of the children (2.Insert Citation Here).” Arguments such as the child being confused by seeing same sex parents, and even LGBT couples parenting skills being compromised, It seems as if politicians and community leaders have other reasons to keep children out of same sex households, not for the child’s sake, but personal reasons. Is it fair to slam gay couples adopting children? Are the concerns of confusion valid even though years of research have proven that a parents orientation has no effects on the outcome of the child? No, I see no fairness! Although many are opposed to same sex couples adopting children, it has been shown that lesbian and homosexual couples can provide the same quality of parenting as a traditional heterosexual couple, and should be given the right to adopt children not only in certain jurisdictions, but throughout the world.

LGBT parents are often prone to discrimination when they want to adopt. Their parenting abilities are scrutinized, and they face great expense for medical procedures and legal fees. I sat down with a lesbian couple, who adopted a beautiful baby girl, Lai, and although they are finally proud parents now, the road to getting approval was not so easy. “I was amazed that so many children were in these agencies in need of a home, but I was even more amazed that so many agencies had denied my application to adopt” says Jacqueline, one of Lai’s mothers (3.Insert Citation Here). The proud parents carried on discussing the discrimination they faced. “Not only did the agencies deny us, but family even criticized the idea... We felt like the world was against us” said Caren and Jacqueline (3.Insert Citation Here). Like Jacqueline and Caren, if you're an LGBT person or couple, and you're looking to adopt children or take in some foster kids, there's almost no way of getting around the fact that you stand a very good chance of being systematically discriminated against. This sad but true statement is due to the fact that several states, as well as many adoption and foster care agencies receive state funding, will not place kids in homes where the adoptive parents are LGBT just to stay on the states good side; sort of a “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” tactic. But there are efforts to try and root out anti-LGBT discrimination from America's adoption system, such as California’s Rep. Pete Stark’s "Every Child Deserves a Family Act," which would use the threat of the government's pocketbook as a means of tearing down discriminatory barriers that LGBT people and couples face in the adoption and foster care process (4.Insert Citation here). Under Stark's Act, it would become illegal for all adoption and foster care agencies that receive government funding to discriminate in their placement decisions, meaning that if an adoption organization that receives state funding has an issue with...
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