Should Free Higher Education Be Free?

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Free Higher Education

We pay a price for everything we get or take in this world. Although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won. Every day is an opportunity to make your life the way you want it to be. Anything is possible when you work towards it one day at a time. Skip a day and you lose momentum. Try to do it all at once and you will burn out. Work steadily and consistently to make every day count and you will reach your goals. Soon, with consistent effort, those little bits add up to major accomplishments. Is there something you want to change? Today is the day to start changing. Is there a new customer you want to land? Today is the day to start making it happen. You control today and you can control your life.

When speaking of whether higher education should be free for all, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the problematic issues that would arise. For instance, students would lack that sense of ambition and drive to succeed I know this because I’ve met people who’ve had everything handed to them, and through their actions and behaviors you can see that they seemed not to care as much about education as those who were taught to get things on their own. Also there would be insufficient funds --where would the money come from? And lastly, students would place less value on education. Those are some reasons why I believe higher education shouldn’t be free. The way I see it, going to college is like the ultimate ski slope. It’s terrifying, the great unknown, but you know that if you can just make the first jump off the edge, you’ll have an amazing ride.

If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find, that you are ready for greater challenges. If higher education was free to students I believe one of the main issues that would arise with that would be students losing a sense of ambition and drive to be successful adults later in life. If students are going to college for free knowing that neither they themselves nor their parents are putting any money up for it, then slacking also may become more of a problem. Their mindset would be distorted because students wouldn’t have that sense of self-fulfillment because money shouldn’t be an obstacle if students are worried about not being financially stable. There are always other options available like scholarships, student loans, or working hard in school to earn good financial aid, yes some would argue and say getting some financial help is like going to college for free but what about for those who don’t qualify? Is that fair for them? Financial aid supports those who are not able to financially afford it, but if college is free it is free for all, whether you poor, rich, middle class. Even If money was no obstacle some people wouldn’t or possibly a few, would still strive to get their education, but they wouldn’t care and be as devoted as they’d be if they knew they had expectations and standards to live up to. Every day even at a college like Augsburg professors push students to use all of the resources available because they know how much families and students themselves are paying to be here. They push them to take it seriously and make use of the money they are paying. Professors know how important and valuable getting a college degree is. If higher education was free then the mindset of most students would probably be something like if that’s free then what’s the point of me getting an education when I could use that left over money to go out and be an entrepreneur and build something off of that? “As stated by Adolph Reed Jr and Sharon Szymanski in, “Free Higher Education” higher education was viewed as a vehicle for closing the gap between the top and bottom of the economic ladder. It was seen as the key to opportunity and upward mobility-part of what defined the American Dream.” Going off that, money is the ultimate motivation for...
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