Should Floggin Be Brought Back

Topics: Crime, Prison, Whip Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Carmencita Gonzalez
Professor Orzeck, Ph.D.
English 102.051
October 28, 2011

Should Flogging Be brought Back? Jeff Jacoby a columnist for the Boston Globe published an essay “Bring Back Flogging”, on the op-ed page on February 20, 1997. Jacoby states that flogging people is better than “Locking them up in cages.” (para. 4) He goes on to say that flogging will teach people moral and educational values, while “Prison is a graduate school of criminal studies.” (para. 7) In the seventeenth century flogging was very famous among the Boston’s Puritans it was a punishment for people that were convicted of blasphemy, adultery, and other thing they felt was immortal and illegal. Jacoby then implement that being incarcerated is much more dangerous than being whipped because the violence in prison is outrageous, for example, rape, beatings, and murders. Nevertheless, Jacoby made some ridiculous statements in his article “Bring Back Flogging” is filled of fallacy. First, Jacoby incorrectly states that “Imprisonment has become our penalty of choice for every offense in the criminal code” (para. 5) for violence and nonviolent crimes, on the other hand, Jacoby really need to take a course in criminal justice before he supplies invalid information. Imprisonment is base on the type the amount and type of crime someone commits.. For example, if a person commits a nonviolent crime like retail theft or protesting illegally then they are charge with a misdemeanor and are order to complete some type of community service or just pay a fine. On the contrary, in the seventeenth century if you were caught stealing they would probably cut your hand off and if you were could protesting they would probably whip you in front of the whole community. Does Jacoby every stop to think about how these people were probably traumatized emotional and physical? Then, Jacoby goes on to say how expensive it is to maintain these prisoners. He also...
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