Should Fast Food Advertisements Be Banned

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Childhood obesity Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Nowadays, it is not uncommon for one to have a constant craving for the deep-fried, oil-saturated "goodness" served at fast food restaurants, or the simple desire to be in fast food restaurants. The main reason for this behaviour is in arguably due to the frequent screening of fast food advertisements on television, online, and in other forms of media; but, what is fast food advertising? Bluntly put, it is a means through which corporate giants in the food and beverage industry exploit the naivety and innocence of children to encourage the masses to consume their food. With more children wanting to buy fast food, more parents will be obligated to buy fast food for them, and probably eat it themselves. These recurring cravings will eventually lead to high cholesterol and obesity-related health problems for both parent and child. Hence, the existence of fast food advertising is an indirect detriment to the health of the people and should banned. The banning of fast food will have a positive effect on the levels of obesity in Singapore. Obesity in children and adults arises from the consumption of unhealthy food, or to be more precise, the consistent consumption of unhealthy food, but what keeps them coming back from more? One of the most alternative points of fast food is its variety. Every few weeks, a new advertisement is screened on television depicting a brand new selection of products. People will then be enticed to head to their nearest McDonalds or KFC for a meal. This applies more so to children, since they spend more time watching television than adults. Having seen the advertisements, children will more than likely pester to bring them to a feast food restaurant, wanting to try the new food. The repetition of this process will probably lead to obesity. Conversely, if fast food advertisements were banned, the rates of obesity would almost certainly be reduced dramatically. Quebec, which has had a ban on fast food advertisements for...
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