Should Exams Be Abolished

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Lz: Much has been said about examinations and its effects on students today. Many people say that examinations not only cause anxiety and stress on students but also impede their learning abilities by putting much fear on them. Wj: That is quite true. However, without examinations, how would students be assessed on their abilities to understand what they have learned or enable students to determine whether they have progressed in their education. Eli: I agree. Examinations are important as well as relevant in education today as it remains the one and only way to ensure that students are in fact able to understand what they have learned and to enable educationists to determine the weaknesses of students so that such students may been provided with further help or assistance in their studies. Lz: That may be true in some respect. However, we cannot deny that examinations are very stressful for students, especially when we hear stories about students taking drugs to enable them to prepare for their examinations or even students committing suicide when they do not do well in their examinations. Yw: I don’t think that examinations should present any stress or anxiety to students because most, if not all, examinations today are scheduled and students are given advance notices of such examinations. As such, there should be no cause for complaints about examinations by students because they are always given sufficient time to prepare themselves for their examinations and if they plan their studies accordingly, they would have no difficulties in facing their examinations. Eli: I also don’t think that examination is the sole cause of the stress and anxiety faced by students today. In fact, I think most of the stress and anxiety faced by students today are caused by the pressure placed on them by their parents and society whereby too much emphasis is placed on results rather than the knowledge gained by students from their studies. Wj: Yes. I think students must...
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