Should Everyone Go to University

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Reading Report for Should everyone go to university?

5th November,2012
Benjamin Collins

The thesis of this article is that it is wrong to push everyone to university education, which though have benefits for individual and society. It would cause underemployment and dashed expectations.


According Tomas Friedman, American would like to focus more on quantity rather than quality comparing with Canadian.


Higher education is a worthy personal investment.

III) Not just individual but also the whole society can benefit from university education.
IV) Because of so many advantages of education, it is necessary to send as many people as possible to school according to Thomas Friedman. V)

However, the knowledge you acquired in university may affect your value in job market.

VI) What you learn right now maybe not the best choices for your future. VII) The data between 1974 and 1996 show that students from fine arts and humanities have lower salary than those from engineering and the health sciences.

VIII) The predicted median income still show that people with science degree earn more than those who with humanities degree for both men and women. IX) Low proportion of graduates with science degree is one of the crucial reasons to explain high unemployment rate in Canada.

X) An example of America that a lack of graduate in science doesn’t mean economic ruin.
XI) University education for arts and humanities hardly fit with the society’s need. XII) Employers like credential cause it could prove student’s motivation, even the ability of perseverance.
XIII) An explanation that why more people pursue a better degree. XIV) “More is better” for education is not a right belief.

Andrew Potter’s article Should everyone go to university argues that if “more is better” is a good education agenda. He claimed that push everyone to high education may lead underemployment and dashed expectations, which I...
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