Should Electronic Devices Be Encouraged in Schools.

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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* First, cell phones should be allowed in school in case of emergencies. Teenagers are getting more independent as they get older, and often the only way that their parents can be immediately assured of their whereabouts and safety is by calling us. * As a teacher, I feel safer when I have my cell phone with me. I keep it in my pocket on vibrate and do not answer it during class. Those who think that students are entitled to the same privileges as teachers are wrong. Teachers are adults. Adults have privileges that children do not have. I imagine that parents who feel this way wouldn't feel the same way if someone told them that their children should be entitled to all the privileges that they as parents have. * In this modern day of advanced technology, the majority of children can be seen with cell phones and the question begging a genuine answer is whether they are responsible enough to be allowed to be with these communication gadgets. There are the pros and cons about this issue. * If they have the phones, it is easier to reach them and even know where they are. It is also beneficial during emergency situations when the child can either call for help or be located in case he or she is gone missing. It is good that most of the phones in the market today have what is known as GPS capability for locating somebody through the cell in case of he or she is lost or missing. Firstly, allowing hand phones in school will surely help a student in having better communication with parents in school. With so many vandals in school, finding a usable public phone to contact my parents is sometimes impossible. * Students are using them a lot and most of them couldn’t imagine living without a cellular phone * Electronic device: includes, but is not limited to, mobile phones, laptop computers, music and video players, still and video cameras, voice recorders, instant messaging services, personal digital assistants, handheld games and various other functions...
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