Should Drugs Be Legalized?

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  • Published : January 7, 2006
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Should Drugs Be Legalized?

Possible Alternatives
Organized crime is a big business today. Some main products associated with organized crime are guns, drugs and prostitution. What effects do these commodities have on today's society? Today drugs are a big business in the underworld. There is a lot of crime associated with the drug world, so many people who want drugs legalized say that the government could control the sales and ultimately bring down the crime rate and also make lots of money off it. If you look at Holland, that is what the government did and it did have an effect on crime. When we look at this issue we have to take into account our values and apply them to this situation and then come up with our own position, individually. Each of us have different values so we may not come up with the same position.

Positive and negative consequences

1. Yes, drugs should be legalized.
Positive consequencesNegative consequences
If the government controlled the sales they could stand to make a lot of money through taxes. The money made could go to help needy organizations and groups. People would use it more and addictions would rise, costing money for rehab centres. Organized crime may be reduced, therefore lowering the crime rate and making our streets safer. If could cause more accidents or deaths when driving or in recreational use. The government could control the amount coming in and where it comes from, therefore makit it safer (not as potent or contaminated). It may lead to more violence or aggression. This would make it easier for people who need it for medical purposes to get it. If it were privatized a few would stand to make a lot of money (like the privitization of liquor stores in some provinces). Organized crime would find something else to sell even more deadlier or they could rebel and fight back.

2. No, drugs should not be legalized.
Positive consequencesNegative consequences
•There would not be as...
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