Should Drivers Be Prohibited from Using Cell Phones While Driving

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Automobile Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Should drivers be prohibited from cell phone use while driving? The main cause of most car accidents today is because of cell phone usage while driving. Drivers are focusing more on the screens of their cell phones rather than the road through their windshields. If the drivers are fully focused on the road it will eliminate most of the accidents that happen. Cell phones can cause distractions in several ways. Every time a driver has to remove their hand off the wheel it makes their risk higher to cause an accident. Why is texting and driving so dangerous? Texting while driving is very dangerous. Usually when a driver text while driving, they look more into the phone than the road, looking from the road for only a split second can cause harm. If one is not directly on another’s car tail then the driver will continue to text until they are finished texting. If the driver looks up too late from the phone then it’s possible that they can brake to late and run right into another car. Talking on the phone while driving can be distracting. When a driver is talking on the phone they focus more on the conversation rather than the flow of traffic. Imagine talking to one of your friends about what happened last night at a concert. As you are talking, you are laughing about what your friend said. You get so caught up in the conversation that you pay no attention to the car that is braking in front of you, the light that has just turned red, or the car merging into your lane. As a result of you engaging in concert conversation, you crash into the car in front of you, possibly hurting or killing someone else. Not only do people risk lives by texting and holding phone conversations while driving, but there are phone games and applications that can be distracting also. People will start playing these games and may feel that a quick peek at their phone won’t cause any harm, but in actuality, it is very dangerous. There are all different types of texting applications on smart...
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