Should Doctors Focus on Profitability or Looking After Patient's Health?

Topics: Physician, Hospital, Surgery Pages: 1 (439 words) Published: September 24, 2011
Should doctors focus on profitability or looking after patient's health? The medical profession is a noble and divine vocation. A patient who enters a hospital or a clinic envisages the doctor as an incarnation of God, possessing super natural powers to cure him. Such a status demands that doctors keep their priorities right and focus more on service, rather than gaining wealth. Doctors are some of the most highly paid professionals all over the globe. Especially in the developed countries, doctors can earn extremely high incomes and become wealthy. The medical profession is therefore highly sought after by many youngsters in an effort to achieve success in life. Of course, there is nothing wrong in becoming rich. Everyone wants to prosper and improve their status in life. But when it becomes the sole purpose and takes precedence over everything else, life can go out of balance. On the other hand, there are certain sections of the medical profession which deal with beauty and do not have much to do with health of the patients. A clear example of this is Cosmetic surgery. Such surgeries are normally done by those who are conscious about their looks and have enough money to spend for these causes. It is understandable that those medical practitioners who cater to the demands of such people can charge exorbitant fees depending how fat the purse of the patient is. Hence such cosmetic surgeons should be classified separately and should not be called doctors but technicians. Besides there is the super rich class, having plenty of money to throw around, and demand top quality service and special attention. There can be special class of doctors and hospitals catering only to the demands of these people. In many third world countries, there are doctors who provide medical care totally free of charge. Many patients in villages and remote areas may not be able to afford the fee for medical care. There are noble and God fearing Doctors who provide free or cheap treatment...
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