Should Divorced Parents Remarry?

Topics: Family, Marriage, Divorce Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: April 23, 2013
I. Introduction
Thesis statement: divorced parents should not remarry for the following reasons. II. Body
A. Divorced parents remarry which will have negative impacts on their children 1. Children will be placed in a complex situation.
2. Parents’ remarriage will give children pernicious influences on their behavior and study. B. Divorced parents will face complex relationships when they remarry 1. Stepparents will get into troubles with stepchildren.

2. Stepparents have to face unresolved issues related to the first marriage. C. Counterargument and refutation.
1. Counterargument.
a. Children might have a perfect family with both mother and father which help them mature. b. New spouses in stepfamilies may have strong and harmonious marital relationship. 2. Refutation.

a. Remarriage has negative effects on children.
b. There are many conflicts happening in stepfamily.
III. Conclusion
Because of the above reasons, it is better for divorced parents not to remarry. Should divorced parents remarry?
Remarriage of divorced parents is always a controversial issue in our modern society. Some of divorced parents choose remarriage as another chance or hope with a new family while many others decide to become a single parent. As making the decision to remarry, divorced parents have to choose a new partner who is suitable not only for them but for their children as well. Havemann and Lehtinen (1990) quoted a sociologist, ‘the difficulty which remarried family must wrestle may be tremendous’ (p. 280). Divorced parents can get into big troubles which people in first marriages will never foresee. In our opinion, divorced parent should not remarry for some rationales. Firstly, divorced parent remarriage is mainly responsible for children’s stress, depression, severe behaviors and bad schoolwork. Children not only can be the unwitting victim of a network of jealous and angry people but also suffer...
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