Should Denise Liu Be Working

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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Should Denise Liu Be Working???

Everybody has their own opinions about everything. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they are not. The argument about if high school teens should or should not be working, has been in the mix for a really long time. You have on one side, the parents who think it is okay to let their child work. On the other side, you have the parents who do not think it is okay to let their child work. This is where we bring in Denise Liu.

Denise Liu is an incoming freshman in her high school and has made some new friends. All of whom have jobs. Denise insists that she must have a job too, but her parents are making this extra difficult. Her dad, is totally against her getting a job, he would much rather her stay at home and help her mother around the house. Like with cooking and housekeeping. Her mother is sort of okay with her getting a job. Her only fear is she will put the job before her schoolwork. To help Denise win over her parents we did some research and interviewed other students who have jobs.

Some of the research articles we found included people from both sides. The first article included places like McDonalds where you start out at the bottom and work your way up the food chain. Although, this happening is rare, you learn valuable skills like, time management, being honest and being dependable. The second article we read opposed the idea of high school students working. This author argued that high school students can only get jobs that do not require any skills or creativity and you should spend your time focusing on the important thing, school. The first girl we interviewed was Glenisha Marks. Glenisha did not work until her last two years of high school. But during that time, she was working twenty-five to thirty hours a week and barely kept her grades up. I don’t know about you, but that is way too many hours to be working in high school. She also included that she spent all of her money on junk she thought was...
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