Should Debts Be Forgiven?

Topics: Debt, Positive psychology, Debtor Pages: 4 (1433 words) Published: March 24, 2013
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Debt is a moral obligation of a normal adult, excepting those who are mentally disabled, to compensate for the assistance of people who have provided a favour, even if not for the purpose of reward. Forgiveness is a unilateral process for the person who has done a favour and the process may involve the family of that person. During the process, that person and his/her family release complex emotions, and may decide not to continue pursuing any compensation from the one who received the help. On the other hand, forgiveness can also assuage the guilt, shame or fear of the person who is burdened with debt. MC: The debt should be forgiven if the debtor is grateful about the debt but not able to repay it. Paragraph 1:

C1: Some debts are not able to be paid.
P1: We cannot change anything that has happened.
P2: people who are only physically disabled may want to do something for people who helped them. But because of the limitations of their condition, they may not have the physical capability to do that. Paragraph 2:

C2: Most humanitarian debt should be forgiven.
P3: Favours based on humanitarian motives are generally not for the purpose of reward. P4: It is inhumane to ask any repayment for people who were aided in an emergency. Paragraph 3
C3: Generally forgiveness is good for both sides.
P5: People who forgive debts demonstrate generosity and noble character, which makes them feel good and receive high praise. P6: The debtor who sink deep into debt that cannot be repaid do not need to worry what to do any more. P7: People who forgive debts and people who are forgiven would both release their complex emotions. Paragraph 4

C4: Only people with gratitude about the debt deserve forgiveness. P8: The debtor who is not grateful may want additional “gifts”. Paragraph 5
Conclusion: In conclusion, the debt should be forgiven, except for the debtor who is capable of repaying and doesn’t treasure the kindness...
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