Should Congress Enact Stricter Gun-Control Laws in the United States?

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Should Congress Enact Stricter Gun-Control Laws in the United States?

By | May 2012
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Should Congress enact stricter gun-control laws in the United States?

This topic has been debated for many years. The United States has formulated
laws according to which the use of guns are restricted. This restriction has been put in

placed after a lot of debate and the right of possession of guns, arms and ammunition has

not been given to everyone. Congress should enact tougher guns laws as the government

of this country has a duty to make sure that the common man does not have access to

guns just because they want one. The second amendment of the United States

Constitution states that: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the

security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be


This law and amendment does not mean that everyone has the right to possess

guns. The need for gun control should be in place to make sure that there is no

inappropriate use of guns and people should also make sure that they act according to the

law. there are people in this country who possess guns and do not pay much

attention to the law that has been passed. There are a number of reasons why this law

should be accepted and why the government should make use of the law of gun control

(Nisbet, pp. 14).

Right-to-carry laws permit individuals who meet certain "minimally restrictive"

criteria such as completion of a background check and gun safety course to carry

concealed firearms in most public places. Concealed carry holders must also meet the

minimum federal requirements for gun ownership There are approximately 44 million

gun owners in the United States. This means that 25 percent of all adults, and 40 percent

of American households, own at least one firearm. These owners possess 192 million

firearms, of which 65 million are handguns. Among legal gun owners, the reasons given

for owning or carrying a weapon include hunting,...

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