Should Companies Promote Healthy Lifestyles

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Employment Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Companies must condone employees’ healthy lifestyles, in order to increase productivity within the workplace, which will potentially lead to higher profits. By encouraging their employees to lead healthy lifestyles, and partake in regular physical activity, companies will be projecting a positive image to society, improving the lives or their workers, whilst simultaneously reaping the financial benefits. As well as producing financial benefits, a healthy lifestyle can bring physiological and social benefits to companies and their employees.

Physical activity has been proven to increase productivity in the workplace. In a recent study of worker performance, Pronk stated that “higher levels of physical activity related to reduced decrements in quality of work performance and overall job performance.” (2004, p. 19) This increase in productivity and efficiency created by healthier employees will eventually lead to higher profits for companies. A healthier employee will lead to a healthier bottom line, however this is not the only benefit that companies will receive as a result of encouraging regular exercise. As well as being more energetic and productive, a healthier employee is generally happier. A workplace comprised of happy employees will lead to higher worker morale, and will create a more positive, friendlier workplace in general.

Although the consequential increase in productivity will lead to higher profits, companies will financially benefit from condoning regular physical activities in more ways than one. U.S. postal company UPS experienced the following benefits after they implemented their ”Comprehensive Safety and Health Process” in 1995. “On the whole, UPS has seen a decrease in absenteeism, an increase in productivity and morale, and a 60% reduction in on the job injuries since the program was first implemented.” (Bloom, 2008, p. 41) By being more proactive in condoning employees’ healthy lifestyles, companies will potentially save funds...
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