Should Comdoms Be Allowed in School?

Topics: Sexual intercourse, HIV, Birth control Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: April 30, 2013
lCons of condoms in school
-Providing students with condoms actually encourages the earlier onset of sexual activity. If young people believe they will be “safe” when using a condom they are much less likely to be deterred from engaging in dangerous and immoral behavior. -Presenting condoms to students in a publicly funded environment presents a potential offence to people from a variety of religions. Catholics and followers of other religions who do not believe in birth control and orthodox practitioners of a number of the world’s religions find the apparent encouragement of sexual activity an affront to their religious traditions. -Taxpayers should not have to support programs that they find morally objectionable, even if there seem to be pragmatic justifications for the action. Moreover, if overall sexual activity increases as the result of encouraging "safer sex", the number of people occasionally engaging in risky behavior will increase and the risk of these problems spreading will increase with it. -Widespread condom distribution will establish sexual activity as the norm among young teens, creating peer pressure to participate in sex. The added temptation to engage in sexual activity that is "protected" will result in more women having sex at a younger age, perhaps furthering their exploitation. -The effectiveness of condoms is grossly exaggerated. If not used properly, condoms can be highly ineffective. Young people are more likely to use condoms incorrectly, due to lack of experience with them or because they are drunk. Moreover, the temptation to have sex without a condom may be significant where the supply of condoms is not plentiful.
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