Should Columbus Day Be Celebrated?

Topics: Slavery, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Caribbean Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Elizabeth Sosnovskiy
Period 7

Christopher Columbus Essay

Many Americans view Columbus as a heroic figure whom is celebrated every year. Children look up to him, as an amazing person for being able to “discover” America and citizens are able to spend a whole day off from work/school to reflect on his greatness. However, this greatness should in no way be glorified, because it is absurd to call Columbus a hero. Columbus had taken credit for things that he didn’t accomplish, brutally abused Native Americans and caused slave trade, which led to mistreatment of Native Americans for years to come. I strongly believe that Columbus day should not be celebrated because of the torture, slavery, and lying that was caused by him.

Columbus had taken credit for things that he didn’t accomplish. He wasn’t the first to discover America since there were already people living there and others had known about this land. Also, there was a myth being taught at schools that had said Columbus was the one to prove the earth was round. Many educated Europeans had already believed in the world not being flat during the time of Columbus. However, those who didn’t agree with this statement mocked the ones who did. Lastly, Columbus was not the first non-American to discover the new world. “There is, indeed, considerable evidence that people from all around the world, including Europe, had visited the Americas for trade, fishing, refuge, and even settlement.” (Source: Why We Should Abolish Columbus Day by G Rebecca Dobbs) Therefore, Columbus had not truly succeeded in the things we know about him and did more negative things than positive.

Columbus was also in charge of abusing the Native Americans. He started to promote men into raping females as young as nine years old. If anyone had tried to stop his acts, or didn’t agree to his commands, Columbus would cut off their noses and ears. This shows that he wasn’t anywhere near a hero, he was completely heartless....
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