Should College Athletes Have the Right to Be Paid? Research Paper

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  • Published : December 21, 2011
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Should college athletes have the right to get paid? The debate has been going on for a while, even more so in the past few years. Many different sports experts and reporters have put in their opinion and there are many different ideas out there. There are numerous ideas of why or why not, and countless different ways that have been suggested. A lot of big name school such as University of Miami and University of Ohio to name a few have been in the news lately for all the discipline they have been getting for a variety of problems all of which coming from money. Although it has been a constant problem and constant discussion forever in college sports, it’s becoming more and more apparent over time. People come from different backgrounds and for most athletes coming up from hard times the most attractive thing is the money. Once there names are known and big, they use it to their advantage. There are tons of different ways that colleges could make rules for students to make their own money off of their own name, many of right ways but also many of wrong ways. When many of the athletes feel the pressure from their families they do what they need to do to help. All of the big time sports have made their own rules as to what age the athletes can enter their league. The Rules have changed a lot in the past few years which could explain the current amount of college students accepting money. Students accepting money is wrong in many ways but there is a chance it could work if the ways they could receive the money were decided and kept to a few.

Many different people have different arguments on the opposing sides of whether or not college athletes should get some sort of salary or payment for how they perform. In today’s college athletics like it has always has been the only type of money a college institution can offer a student athlete is a scholarship. Throughout the years and even more recently there has been a lot in the news of players accepting money or types of...
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