Should College Athletes Be Paid

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Should College Athletes Get Paid?
Should college athletes be paid? It is a question that most of us have heard before. Many people might say they are getting paid by getting scholarships but many people might say scholarships are not enough. It is an argument that has been going on for decades. It was even mentioned in June 1905 issue of McClure’s. There are a lot of reasons to why they should get paid.

According to researches the fifteen highest paid college football coaches’ salary is $53.4 million combined. That is $3.56 million for each of them annually. The most expensive college in the United States is Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, N.Y and it costs $57,556 a year to go there. Even if you get scholarships for it, it is still nowhere close to $3 million a year. They shouldn’t get paid $3 million a year but getting paid even a little bit would be good. Is it fair that the coaches get paid and the players don’t, according to researches most people don’t think so. Why do coaches get paid, because they train teams to succeed them and that is their jobs. But don’t the players do the same thing, they play for a team to succeed the team and that is their jobs. If you think about it makes sense, but if you think it’s not a job then they should get a job to support them and put football, basketball, etc. second. If they do that, college football or basketball wouldn’t be that great and people wouldn’t enjoy it as much as they do now.

When a player plays for a team their families, friends and people who don’t even know them come to watch them. This brings a lot of money to college’s pockets. How?... people buy tickets to watch the games and when they come to the games, they buy foods drinks etc. they also buy university’s apparel, and this brings in the most money. There are even video games made by EA Sports, where people pay over $50 to buy. This doesn’t just bring in money but also puts colleges name out there and more students want to go to that...
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