Should Cigarettes Be Banned?

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Should Cigarettes Be Banned?

By | March 2008
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Tobacco smoking has been around since the Ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Although these civilizations did not invent the cigarette, they did smoke the dried up leaves of tobacco plants. Spanish explorers observed the use of the weed and shortly thereafter introduced it to Europe. Before the end of the 17th century, smoking had spread through most of the known world. Tobacco, native to North America, was cultivated in the Americas and transported to Europe. At first, tobacco was particularly expensive and only the wealthy Europeans could afford to buy it. Later in Brazil, cigarettes were invented and were first used in Latin America. It was not until the 19th century, when the automatic cigarette rolling machines were put into operation in the United States, that smoking became exceptionally popular. King James I of England recognized the threats of tobacco and battled against it. As a result, many countries outlawed tobacco for a period of time (Ward 20–21). On January 1964, Luther L. Terry of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee issued the first report on Smoking and Health. In 1965, Congress adopted the federal cigarette labeling and advertising, which implanted the all too familiar labels on cigarette packs and asked for a yearly report on health consequences from smoking (Woznicki). On March 30, 2003 Bloomberg, mayor of New York, banned smoking in bars and restaurants throughout the state. A year later, 1,000 fewer deaths were reported as smoking-related. (Hill) On January of 1994, the Environmental Protection Agency declared secondhand smoking to be responsible for 3,000 deaths per year (Freeman 6-7). In response to these researches, many different cigarette techniques have been implemented through the years to include the “smokeless” Accord cigarette, the mainly-glycerin Eclipse cigarette, and the common cigarette people smoke every day, the “Charcoal Filter” cigarette (“Anatomy”). Most smokers turn a blind-eye towards research...

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