Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned?

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Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned?

Should there be a ban on cigarette smoking in the United States? Since cigarettes were introduced to Americans, questions have been raised concerning the legality of smoking and if it should be allowed everyone, in public places, or not at all. Recently, with the increase knowledge in cost and healthcare, the controversy with cigarette smoking has significantly risen. Across the country, states have banned smoking in public areas and inside buildings. Some citizens agree with the new laws, while others feel it is a violation of rights. Continuing to ban cigarettes in public areas and buildings, but allowing smoking in designated areas, such as personal vehicles and homes, is a compromise towards finding the correct resolution of this controversy.

From the smoker’s perspective, two reasons cigarette smoking should not be completely banned from society are the addictive qualities being experienced by long term users and the positive effect on the economy. Early studies have shown banning smoking all together does not necessarily effect the government on significant levels; instead, businesses, such as hotels, bars and restaurants, suffer more from the ban. (Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights , 2006) In states where cigarette smoking has been banned, businesses have noticed a 20-30% decrease in profit, which has resulted in a decrease in employment in these businesses. (Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights , 2006) However, more recent studies disprove this negative effect by allowing smoking outside of restaurants and bars. (Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights , 2006) Since smokers are allowed to partake in designated areas outside public buildings, they still economically support businesses. This particular compromise not only benefits the businesses but also the citizens, smoker or not.

As for the addictive effects for smokers after a smoking ban, several studies have been performed as many people are concerned...
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