Should Chocolate Be Banned for Children?

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Should chocolate be banned for children? The answer is quite simple, No, no chocolate should not be banned!Why, I hear you ask? There are numerous reasons but today i will just focus on three. Chocolate productions boost the economy,Chocolate has health benefits and a chocolate ban would diminish individuals' freedom.

Firstly, chocolate plays an important role in the economy. Chocolate is eaten daily in many different forms( bars, desserts, drinks). Thousands of people work in restaurants, millions of people work in factories to make chocolate for children to eat so imagine the problems they will have if chocolate gets banned, they will all have to find a new job. It will be the next new economic crisis. Do you really want that to happen? The government is already juggling enough financial problems. Do you really trust the government to deal with another one?

Secondly, the health benefits of chocolate are indisputable. Chocolate is full of calcium. As we all know many children have calcium deficiencies. Furthermore, research has shown that dark chocolate can cure depression and lower cholesterol. Dark chocolate also helps in keeping your heart healthy. Don't believe me? I only speak from experience so i will tell you a story. My grandfather had heart problems and had to go to the doctors. When he got there his doctor told him to eat two pieces dark chocolate a day and believe it or not he felt better after a month of eating it. People still have the freedom of buying suicide products such as cigarettes and alcohol and now you saying you should ban chocolate when it is good for you. Still thinking of banning chocolate?

Finally, freedom what brings us together. Imagine a time where the government decides everything that you should decide such as deciding what you eat, drink and wear. Banning chocolate is just the thin end of the wedge.

Ladies and gentlemen, not only does chocolate benefit your health, chocolate also creates...
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