Should Children Be Educated at Home or School

Topics: Alternative education, Homeschooling, Unschooling Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Should children be educated at Home or School?

I strongly believe that children should be educated at school because socialising is a very important part of life as well as childhoods. In schools there are better facilities and professionally trained teachers for all different subjects for example a science lab and a drama studio. In the following paragraphs I’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of both school-schooling and home schooling.

Going to school is now already a general way of direction for the community but even though it is, some parents still wants their children to be home schooled because there are many advantages in it, such as they get more individual attention from the teacher, have more personal time for hobbies and much more.

School is a better way of education for children because it lets you socialise with others and keeps you open minded with lots of friends. At school people are taught responsibility and discipline by professionally trained teachers who are specialised in a particular subject. On the other hand, some people may say that you don’t need friends to help you as you are growing and to achieve a high grade but friends are important and it will be one of the greatest memories from your childhood.

There are also many advantages in homeschooling for example, the student will get more individual attention from the teacher, they can learn in their own pace, leave more time for personal things like hobbies and many more. Therefore they can learn in a quiet and peaceful environment with no distractions. According to the graph below, it shows that people who are homeschooled achieve higher grades then people who are public schooled, therefore this graph tells you that people who are home-schooled more often in getting higher grades and can achieve ,ore without the help of friends.

Secondly, we can prove that school is better because it has better facilities such as science labs and drama studios. This is important...
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