Should Children Be Disciplined by Physical Punishment?

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It is mainly believed that children are punished by physical force is because parents want the children to learn something. The entire gist of physical punishment is intended to change their behaviors. I think children should be punished physically because the parent will gain respect, control, and obedience. The first outcome of physical punishment is respect. If your children doesn't respect their parents then its all down hill from then on. Meaning the child is not seeing his/her parent as a parent but as just another regular person. Respect from your child can go along way in a healthy parent child relationship than with no respect. However, respect is only one aspect of physical punishment. Another aspect is control. As of today their are many out of control children in grocery stores, doctor offices etc.. if you as a parent cant control your kids then not only does that make you look bad as a parent but also comes along is embarrassment. Besides from respect and control, there is one more main outcome of physical punishment. Obedience is an important characteristic a child should have towards their parents. When a parent tells a child to stop, sit, clean up etc... it should be programmed in the child to do such that is requested by the adult. When the child obeys then the parents themselves feel as if their doing a good job in raising him/her All in all physical punishment is a good idea if you want your child to respect you as a parent, if the parent want to have control over their children, and for the child to have obedience.
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