Should Capital Punishment Be Legalized Worldwide?

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  • Published: January 20, 2009
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The ultimate crime is a very significant issue all over the globe. Some countries choose to punish it with the most severe consequence: capital punishment.

Most countries in the world have had angry debates about the death penalty, for those supporting the cause and those who disagree with it continue to argue. However, at the end of the day, it is the governments alone who decide on its legality.

Several countries exist where such a sentence is not yet applied. Whereas, many others have been actively using it to persuade crime related actions to decease at the lowest rate possible.

Seeing that it is a very delicate issue, those who are not well-informed willform opinions based on prejudice and interfere with the legalization procedure. On the other hand, some choose to be blinded by the mere fact that it is, after all, depriving an individual of his/her life and do not take into consideration the actions and motives which have led the individual to being sentenced to capital punishment.

Depriving an individual from its right to live, is considered the ultimate crime: murder. Crime inevitably embraces our daily society, however murder captures governmental attention more effectively for it attempts against the basic human rights. As a consequence, the jurisdictional powers choose to act severely against it by punishing it with death itself. Nevertheless, those who do not support the method suggested by the authorities protest that no one is morally nor humanly above the condemned and hence have no authority in taking a decision that can even be compared with murder itself. In contrast, some claim that capital punishment is an effective solution and argue that those who are condemned as a result of homicide showed the same unjustified superiority when chose to take the victims life away. Additionally, they believe that lacking a decision maker within the government would corrupt the order which takes place and gives authority to the government.

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