Should Caning Be Reintroduced in School

Topics: Human rights, Law, Teacher Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Corporal punishment should not be re-introduced into schools because some children can end up deformed and may become unstable mentally and physically and also they could end up suing the school/government or religious organisation. Corporal punishment could also be harming to the teacher or principal because the student could turn around and hit them back.

How would you define corporal punishment because there are a lot of different types eg.whiping, electric shocks, slapping and the cane ect.

If teachers hit you on the rear end with the cane then there is a good chance of them hitting your tail bone which could cause paralysation.

If the cane is allowed back into schools then it may be encouraged into work places and more and more people would not want to work and then the price of things would go up and the currency value would go down and a chain of events could be triggered.

How would you like to be hit (caned) for something as miner as having the corner of your shirt un tucked or how would you like to be hit with the cane for something that someone else had done and had blamed on you.

Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child requires States to protect children from "all forms of physical or mental violence" while in the care of parents or others. The Committee on the Rights of the Child has consistently interpreted the Convention as requiring States to protect children from all corporal punishment and has recommended that prohibition should be accompanied by public education to promote positive discipline.

Over the last decade, a series of judgments from constitutional and supreme courts and from the European Court of Human Rights have challenged the legality of corporal punishment of children, schools and in some cases in the family home.

Its illegal in almost every state worldwide - in contrast to other forms of inter-personal violence - challenges the universal right to equal protection under the law.

The aims of...
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