Should Building Nuclear Power Stations in Australia Be Permitted?

Topics: Nuclear power, Coal, Nuclear fission Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Should building nuclear power stations in Australia be permitted? Introduction
Nuclear power is energy that comes from nuclear reactions and is not explosive. It is mostly used to generate electricity in the house hold and military uses as well. It uses the same principal such as spinning a magnet inside a coil of wire or vies versus (See Fig. 1).This is a great way for society as it reduces the impact of global warming then fossil fuels do. But also uranium is very radioactive and if a nuclear power plant is built it takes 100,000 years to use that land again for something else. But if nuclear power shut off millions of jobs will be lost and we also have to look at the ratio between coal and uranium. But this is still better than some other energy sources. Benefits

The advantage of having nuclear power is that is reduces the green house effect by one hundredth of fossil fuels and still has less co2 emitions than solar, hydro, biomass and wind. (Shown in Fig 2)Even though the energy of constructing, operating, waste disposal and decommissioning is a lot, but in 2 months of producing, it has already paid off that energy used. Even for another 50 years the earth will still have enough uranium for the worlds demand. Another benefit is that it makes thousands of jobs for people everywhere. So permition of nuclear power in Australia should be allowed. Limitations

Uranium is a very radioactive substance so it is life threatening. So many precautions must be taken when working with uranium. The cost is also unbelievable, the cost for the construction, operating, decommissioning and the waste disposal all results to a very high sale. Many more limitations are to be considered when building power plants such as the space to build, the cost of decommissioning, the space cannot be used for 100,000 of years, where the nuclear waste goes and risk of a meltdown. The whole town the power plant is in could be destroyed and thousands of people could be killed. On October 15,...
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