Should Asylum Seekers Be Sent to Malaysia?

Topics: Human rights, Australia, Refugee Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Should asylum seekers be sent to Malaysia?

“An asylum seeker is a person who has fled their own country and applied for protection as a refugee” (Department of Human Rights, 2011). Many asylum seekers come to Australia by boat. The Australian government wants to send its asylum seekers to Malaysia to deter people smuggling. This issue analysis focused on the issue of the Australian government sending its asylum seekers to Malaysia. The range of texts that supported this issue analysis is the use of the internet, class texts and my research included reading and highlighting key words from the website “Department Human Right” and the website “7 PM project”, as well as the article “migrants and their problems”.

Many asylum seekers are coming to Australia by boat; therefore I decided to research this topical aspect more closely. The Australian government wants to deter asylum seekers arriving by boat by sending many new arrivals to Malaysia (Mitchell 2001). The website 7PM project clarifies that many asylum seekers do not have legal rights in Malaysia and they are arrested and tortured. This caught my attention and made me curious to find out if Malaysia abuse asylum seekers.

The 7PM Project illustrates that Malaysia as a country has a terrible record of its treatment of refugees and migrants (7 PM Project 2012).In the past it has been alleged that some asylum seekers in Malaysia have lived there for decades without any basic human rights. Migrants seeking refuge in Australia, escape from war, persecution and ill treatment (7 PM Project 2012).The “Department of Human Right 2011” clarify that if Australia sends its asylum seekers to Malaysia is equivalent to sending them back to the very thing they have been attempting so hard to escape from (Department of Human Rights, 2011). Researching about this issue in different ways and texts focused the issue that people smuggling can be better dealt with if the Australian government takes a sensible decision to...
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