Should All U.S. States Require High School Students to Pass Standardized Exit Exams in Order to Graduate

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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L. Gomes
Comm 101
Professor Jenkins
2, December 2012
Should all U.S. States Require High School Students to Pass Standardized Exit Exams in Order to Graduate?
On September 21, 2011 60,000 students were denied their diplomas due to their failure of the Standardized Exit Exams (Standardized High School Exit Exams). Advocates say schools are diminishing the importance of acquiring a diploma and awarding them to students who have not earned them (Standardized High School Exit Exams). Critics believe that the exams create an uneven amount of negative impact on graduation percentages of minority, low-income, and disabled students, without significant proof that theses exams make an academic difference (Standardized High School Exit Exams). On either side of the spectrum, students benefit from this type of testing, i.e. by getting extra help if need and by graduating with an acceptable education, and it leaves them better prepared for life.

Supporters of theses exams believe that they are necessary to guarantee that all children have basic Math, English, and other skills in order to continue life successfully either by continuing their education, via college or trade school, or to obtain gainful employment (Standardized High School Exit Exams). The standardized testing helps to weed out those who are performing at or above level, from those who have fallen behind and are in need of tutoring; it will also assist in uncovering children who are in need of extra help, such as English as Second Language (ESL) students, so that the school districts are able acquire more funds to assist these students (Standardized High School Exit Exams). This form of testing also encourages students to try to learn more, while also requiring schools to uphold higher educational standards (Standardized High School Exit Exams). When students are given these tests at the beginning of their freshman year, it allots sufficient time for them to study and be more prepared for taking the...
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