Should Affirmative Action Be Abolished?

Political Science 101
Should Affirmative Action be abolished? Why or why not? To substantiate your position, please reference at least three pivotal cases involving Affirmative Action and explain the Supreme Court’s ruling in these cases Affirmative action was first pursued in 1978 by the Supreme Court in order to increase opportunities to minorities that at one point in history had been denied to them. This action was initiated to help promote equal opportunities to all Americans, targeted primarily at employers and educational institutions. Although our government had pure intentions when staging this new legacy, there are many intelligent majorities that are being disqualified for jobs or schools because positions are being reserved for less-qualified minorities. Take the following case for example. In 1978, student Allan Bakke, a white male applied for admissions at Regents of the University and was denied. Bakke tested higher than many of the student minorities admitted, and claimed he was a victim of reverse discrimination. The school originally reserved 16% of the seats in the school to minorities only. In this case, Bakke tested much higher than those students, and showed great potential, but because of the mandatory reserved seating for minorities he was denied the opportunity of a quality education. In this specific case, the court ruled in favor of Bakke, because the university’s system was based solely on race. This example is just one of the many corruptions that has become of the affirmative action cause. The fight for an education continues to grow even in our most recent years. In 2003, an incident similar to the Bakke example grew much attention. In Gratz V.Bollinger, two white applicants were denied admissions to an undergraduate school because they didn’t earn enough “points” in their application. The University awarded each applicant a score based on a number of different factors including the following; grade point average, test...
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