Should Adopted Children Be Able to Know Their Biological Parents?

Topics: Adoption, Family, Emotion Pages: 2 (830 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Nicole Barone
4th period
November 18, 2010

Should An Adopted Child Be Able To Contact Their Biological Parents?

The real question for adopted children these years is weather or not the adopted children should be able to contact their biological parents. Every child’s case is different so it’s kind of hard to decide weather or not it’s a good idea or even safe for the child to know or meet their biological parents. Over all every child has a right to know where they came from and who their real parents are. Yes, the child could say that they don’t want to know who their parents are but again if they want to know they have a right to know. Each year there are about 120,000 children adopted. All of these adoptions have saved children from having to go into foster care, where there is a good chance that they could be abused weather is physical, emotionally, ext… (“The Adopted”). The number of fully disclosed adoptions increases every year (Guilford, Dave). Adopted children should be able to have information given to them so that they are able to contact their biological parents.

Being an adopted child is a very difficult and emotional situation. I speak from experience. I have been adopted since I was a baby; luckily I got adopted by my grandma. If it wasn’t for my grandma I don’t know where I would be right now, I could have been one of the children that end up in foster care and switch homes every few months or even weeks. Being adopted has not been that emotional till recently. My mom just entered my life for the first time. I have never met my mom nor talked to her. I just started talking to her about two years ago. The first time we talked over the phone is was very emotion we were both crying not knowing what to say. Most of all I was confused I was not sure weather or not I could ever forgive her for everything she has done to me. I have always hated talking about being adopted, my grandma would always try and ask me all these...
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