Should Adolescents Own Mobile Devices

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Should adolescents own mobile devices?
In the recent years, the usage of mobile devices has sharply increased among adolescents. There is a significant rise in the number of teenage who own at least one mobile device. Mobile device refers to a small electronic device which can be hold in hand. It is usually come with a display screen with touch input or a keyboard. The widening popularity of electronic gadgets has been debated as it has its own benefits and drawbacks. This paper is going to analysis the arguments for and against using electronic devices among youngsters and draw a conclusion. One of the remarkable advantages of using mobile devices among adolescents is the enhancement of learning effectiveness. With the help of the portable devices, students can easily gain access to useful and relevant reference sources and information anywhere. Research found that the majority of high school and university students will look up academic information on the Internet through their own devices (Speak up, 2010). This can greatly facilitate the learning process and encourage students to do their own research, hence exploring themselves to different areas. Apart from the instant information search, funnier learning mode also prompted the popularity of using mobile devices in academic learning. Since students are interested in using electronic gadgets for education purposes, the willingness and eagerness to learn will be strengthened. Moreover, there are more interaction among students and instructors. In addition to the educational benefits to normal adolescents, mobile devices also help the students with special education needs. Most of these students have difficulty in building the cognitive abilities and learning new things. Tailor-make applications can help them to overcome these difficulties. Picca is one of the good examples. In a recent article, Alvaro et al. (2012) mention that ”Picaa, is a platform to design educational activities for users with...
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