Should Achievement Determine Student's Grade

Topics: Education, Meaning of life, Arithmetic mean Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: May 30, 2013
In nowadays education system, the grades of students in each subject is determined by their achievements. But some students may not agree with this as they think they have worked very hard to finish the works, but since they have low skills , they can’t achieve high grades and this is unfair to them. I think high grades should be given to achievement rather than effort because the grade is given according to the quality of the work but not the quantity. The aim of doing a work is to see how well students can understand what the books talk about. This means that students can pick up some useful information and convert it into their own words after analyses, but not just copying. Sometimes just a few sentences can represent the meaning of the whole passage, this is the quality. For the quantity, copying a lot from the textbook don’t mean that the student is doing wrong thing, but he/ she is just paying efforts in copying and pasting a lot from the textbook to finish the work, so what is the mean of doing the work? Work very hard in doing work is really important, but we can’t only rely on this to determine the grade of student earns as this can’t show the ability of that student. The more important is that student can get the main idea of the books and express it out and give an excellent work. So achievement should be use to determine students’ grades.
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