Should Abortions Be Legal?

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortion debate Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: November 20, 2013
Should Abortions Be Legal?
Abortion is one of the biggest controversies. It is always debated and arguments get very heated. There are people who are pro-choice and people who are pro-life. The people who are pro-choice believe that women should have the right to choose for themselves and the people who are pro-life believe that the unborn baby should not be killed before he/she is born. What you call yourself is a very big deal, especially for the politicians in America. They have to explain their reasons very carefully and it can either help or hurt their elections. This shows how big of a controversy it is. Everyone has their own reasons to believe what they believe. I personally believe that abortions should be legal and allowed. My reasons for this are that a women should be able to make her own decisions because it is her right, a woman may not reach where she wants in life if she is forced to raise the baby, and finally, it is a lot safer for the woman when it is legal because it will be a safe environment.

Abortion should be legal because it is the woman’s right to make her own decisions. This is very important because it is part of being free to make your own choices in life. This is part of having freedom of choice and it is a moral issue. No one can know and really understand why the woman may want to get rid of the fetus except the woman and this decision should be made by her and no one else. This point is made clearer by the following quote that the fetus exists inside a woman’s body, so a woman has the right to decide whether the fetus remains in her body and therefore a pregnant woman has the right to abort the fetus (Kolbert). This reinforces the point that it is the right of the woman to do as she wants.

Abortion should also be made legal because it can allow a woman to reach her full potential. It takes a lot of effort, time, money and energy to look after a baby. Not all woman can do this and...
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