Should Abortion Be Restricted?

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Need Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Hernan olmedo


Abortion should be restricted when it is being practiced for an issue of immaturity because as many impose, abortion means taking away an innocent life. Its not only affecting the child but the mother to witch could lead to a habit. There will be those people that will constantly want to abort there child. We don’t want people to know that it’s ok to abort all the time. Abortion is a sign of weakness, just think about the poor innocent life that had nothing to do with the mistake of the parents. The child doesn’t have a choice so it’s not fair also, it’s not the child’s fault there not wanted because the parents did a mistake. Thanks to abortion children in the stomach go thru a lot of pain. Witch is why abortion should be restricted. Abortion does not only affect the child but the mother as well. That’s also why it should be restricted. The abortion can take affect later on when the mother wants to have another child. The mother might be at risk of dying. Something can go wrong during the process of abortion. As we can see there are a lot of consequences to an abortion. There will be those people that will constantly want to abort there child if abortion isn’t restricted. More women would take advantage of that idea. Women would think that aborting will be the right choice. It can also affect society on the views about pregnancy. Yes, women have the right to chose their destiny and make whatever they want with there body, but what people don’t think is that she already marked her destiny, she made a mistake and she needs to deal with it. Even though scientist say that it is called a fetus until it reaches certain number of weeks, it has a heartbeat, it is alive we cannot see it completely formed but it is in process. We need to make an end to abortion and restrict it and stop it. This is why I think abortion should be restricted because it’s not the child’s fault...
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