Should Abortion Be Legalised?

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Human rights Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: January 17, 2013
The issue of abortion is very controversial in today's society. Although many people think it shouldn't be legalized, there are just as many who think it should. Your opinion rests with you and possibly the values you were brought up with. Whether you think women should have the right to abortion or not, you can find support for either side.

The pro side of legalizing abortion is known as pro-choice which is the side of the argument that believes that if a woman is pregnant she should have the right to abort. Some activists believe there are a number of reasons why a mother would choose to abort. One, there might be something very wrong with the child and the child might be better off never being born than being born and having a life with many serious problems. You would also have to think of the emotional damage this might have on the parents as well as the child. Another reason a mother might choose to get an abortion is if she was raped and she doesn't want to have the child of someone he doesn't love. Having a child of someone who raped you could have great emotional stress on some people. Wanting to keep a baby alive that brings so many bad memories attached to it can prove to be a complete disaster. Neither the mother will be happy-on the contrary she will be sad- nor will the baby get a good upbringing. Many individuals take the side of anti-abortion or pro-life which means they don't think women should have the right to abort an unborn child. This is the con side of legalizing abortion. Some of the pro-life members think that the reasons women shouldn't be able to abort is that the mother is ending an unborn child's life and if the mother is old enough to get pregnant they are old enough to have the child. If the mother lacks financial support or is not ready to take care of the child, they can put the baby up for an abortion later. In such a way, an innocent`s life will not be ended and the mother`s stress will also be over. Abortion should not be...
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