Should Abortion Be Legal or Not?

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Right to life Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Should abortion be legal or not? Many people are thinking and fighting for what they think is right. Abortion is something that prevents pregnancy, and kills a baby. Many women who are not ready to have a child, or who don’t want to have a child, are doing abortions. Not even thinking that it can influence on their health, or that it is killing their baby, or that it might be wrong… The innocent baby dies because of mother’s problems, or decisions. Why is this so common in the world in our days? I believe that abortions are wrong, and should not be legal, because it can cause psychological damage, and according to Bible it is wrong because it involves killing, and unborn babies are innocent from the moment of conception and they have a right to life which must be protected, and abortions increase the like hood of future miscarriages.

Abortions should not be legal, because it can cause psychological damage. A 2002 peer-reviewed study published by the Southern Medical Journal of more than 173,000 American women found that women who aborted were 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term. Abortions can lead to the most devastating loss of all, a woman loses her child, and as soon as she understands it, she can lose peace of her mind. She can suffer a depression, nightmares, and thoughts about suicide. An Apr. 1998 Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology study on men whose partners had abortions found that 51.6% of the men reported regret, 45.2% felt sadness, and 25.8% experienced depression. It not only kills a baby, it hurts its father, and even because of this marriages can break. So is it really a right decision to do abortions? To get rid of the baby? Or try to find something good in the fact that you will have a baby?

According to the Bible, abortions are wrong. It is considered as a big sin, because it involves killing. The Sixth Commandment of the Bible’s Old Testament (Exodus 20:13) is “Thou should not kill.” Abortion...
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