Should Abortion Be Legal?

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  • Published : June 18, 2011
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Should abortion be legal?
Lorenia Rangel
PHI 103 Informal Logic
DR, Theresa Ramsey

June 6, 2011

Should abortion be legal?
To this very day abortion has become a very sensitive issue worldwide. Known as a moral and ethical issue, abortion is an issue society should come to terms with. Abortion became legal on January 22, 1973 since women have the right to freedom and the choice to live their life as they please.

Many years ago abortion was illegal and lots of women died because they tried to terminate their pregnancy themselves without professional help. In 1973 the Supreme Court passed a law that allowed women to have a choice of abortion. Abortion is the removal of a developing baby within in the mother womb by surgical procedures either by medical instruments or chemical ways, it has been estimated that before abortion became legal thousands upon thousands of women had illegal abortions and a lot of those women died. When society tries to outlaw abortion women find different ways to terminate the pregnancies and therefore that causes illnesses, infections, septic, diseases, and even death. One can be supportive of abortion or one can be against it we all have different morals and values based on our religion, from our parents, friends, family, or from our own experience and knowledge. A lot of Americans consider abortion murder and these values create challenges and problems for the government in a political issue in society abortion appears to be a problem for the government the question is how does the government formulate a law that benefits everyone? . There are two sides to abortion one is the pro-choice and the other is anti-prochoice, the pro-choice would argue that it should be the women’s choice to abort and that not even the government has the right to interfere. The anti-pro would argue that from the time of conception the fetus is a...
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