Shortening of Words and Their Features

Topics: Word, Etymology, English language Pages: 24 (9064 words) Published: May 17, 2013


Uzbek State World Languages University

Theory and practice of translation faculty

Theory and practice of translation/interpretation department


In Lexicology

On the topic: Shortening of words and their features

Done by: Kudratova L.
Group 309

Checked by: Muminov O. M

Tashkent 2013

I. Introduction.
1.1. Common characteristics of the course paper
2.1. General definition of homonyms
II. The Main Part
1.2. Shortening of spoken words
2.2. Blendening of words
3.2. Back formation
4.2. Back formation as a source for shortening of words
III. Conclusion
1.3. Total review of the subject discussed
2.3. The ways of applying of the work
IV. Bibliography

1.1 Common characteristics of the course paper

The theme of my course paper sounds as following: “Type of shortening and their function in Modern English” This course paper can be characterized by the following: The actuality of this work caused by several important points. We seem to say that the shortening of the words is one of the main trends in development of Modern English, especially in its colloquial layer, which, in its turn at high degree is supported by development of modern informational technologies and simplification of alive speech. So the significance of our work can be proved by the following reasons: a) Shortening of words is one of the developing branches of lexicology nowadays. b) Shortening reflects the general trend of simplification of a language. c) Shortening is closely connected with the development of modern informational technologies. d) Being a developing branch of linguistics it requires a special attention of teachers to be adequate to their specialization in English. Having based upon the actuality of the theme we are able to formulate the general goals of our course paper. a) To study, analyze, and sum up all the possible changes happened in the studied branch of linguistics for the past fifty years. b) To teach the problem of shortening to young English learners. c) To demonstrate the significance of the problem for those who want to brush up their English. d) To mention all the major of linguists’ opinions concerning the subject studied. If we say about the new information used within our work we may note that the work studies the problem from the modern positions and analyzes the modern trends appeared in this subject for the last ten years. In particular, the shorten language of computer chats was taken into consideration. The practical significance of the work can be concluded in the following items: a) The work could serve as a good source of learning English by young teachers at schools and colleges. b) The lexicologists could find a lot of interesting information for themselves. c) those who would like to communicate with the English-speaking people through the Internet will find a shortened language of chats in our course paper Having said about the linguists studied the material before we can mention that our course paper was based upon the investigations made by a number of well known English, Russian and Uzbek lexicologists as A.I. Smirnitsky, B.A. Ilyish, N. Buranov, V.V. Vinogradov, O. Jespersen and some others. If we say about the methods of scientific approaches used in our work we can mention that the method of typological analysis was used. The novelty of the work is concluded in including the language of charts to one of the chapter of the course paper. The general structure of our course paper looks as follows: The work is composed onto three major parts: introduction, main part and conclusion. Each part has its subdivision onto the specific thematically items. There are two points in the introductory...
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